Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Just Me

Hello blogging world! My name is Brittany and I am many things. I am a gardener and flower lover. I am a food lover, although I often don't have the time to cook or create the foods I love most. I am a wife to Eddy and a mother to a dog named Sadie. Most of my limited free time is spent outside or on the couch with Sadie and Eddy. I have been teaching for five years now, and as of today I am both a teacher and a student. Four years ago I earned my bachelors degree through Rhode Island College. Within a few months of graduating I was incredibly fortunate to be hired for a position at Woonsocket Middle School. I spent two years working in Woonsocket with ESL students. After being laid off due to budget cuts I decided to work on becoming certified in Massachusetts. Again, I was fortunate to become certified just in time to be hired for a position teaching at Beckwith Middle School. I am now going into my third year teaching at BMS, and although it is an entirely different world than the world of Woonsocket, it has been a great experience. I currently work with seventh graders teaching geography and hope to continue with this position for many years to come!

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