Monday, November 4, 2013

Oops...I guess I should be sticking with LGBT, not LGBTQ...apologies...

I just looked up whether or not I should be taking on the "Q" piece to my blog or others' blog posts, as this is what I've heard in the past. Through a little bit of quick research, I realized that the use of "Q" may no longer be appropriate. I'll need to be careful to use the correct terminology in the future. Live and learn and research everything :)


  1. Brittany,
    Since you linked to my piece (thank you by the way), the short answer is that it depends. Communities in which LGBT folks are ample and included will likely find the LGBTQ (Q as in Queer, not Questioning) appropriate.

    Communities where LGBT folks are scarcer, excluded or it's a mixed experience should stick with LBGT (no Q). My son's school, which has few LGBT parents, does not do anything marking things like Coming Out Day (October 11) or anti-Bully month, is probably best in this category.

    Hope this helps; thanks again for the link.

    J. Mike

    1. Hi J. Mike, thanks so much for the clarification and response. I am a teacher (in case you hadn't noticed :) and in my graduate course we are discussing the overarching "Culture of Power" as described by Allan Johnson. Within this course we discuss various groups of students and individuals in society who have been marginalized or excluded. Our professor, Lesley Bogad ( , does a fantastic job of supplying us with really wonderful and applicable resources available to use as educators. Again, I appreciate your response and clarification. Nice to "meet" you!