Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Brave- A follow up to Disney World

In my last post I wrote about how Disney films should be looked at with a critical eye and that I believe children should be taught how to use a critical lens (as opposed to being subjected to constant censorship). After watching the film Brave, I feel that Disney is finally hearing the rumbles of a critical society. Merida, the main character is much more independent and intelligent than any previous princess portrayed by the Disney corporation. So, we finally have a strong female character. What about everyone else in the film, though?

Although Disney has made some major strides in portraying Merida in a more modern light, almost all of the other characters are still portrayed through a stereotypical lens. The king is a large, bumbling, beastly man. The other men in the film (the clans) are animalistic and crude. The serving staff are portrayed as confused, stressed and ignorant. In some sense, there are some great things about this movie, but I think it would be important to still have children analyze the roles of the other characters. Why is it that Merida gets a great role, whereas everyone else lacks depth and character development?

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  1. Brittany - I totally agree. Though some steps have been made, it would be too easy to focus only on Merida and dismiss the portrayal of the other characters. I know my kids want to label a movie as "good" or "bad" (in terms of the overall messages it sends) but we as a adults know it is more complicated than that and we have to teach them how to name those complications.